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Using a Posta Pay QR code to pay or to receive a payment

Probably you have already seen Posta Pay QR codes in your daily life. Paying of (or) receiving a Posta payment using a QR code is nowadays possible too. You can find QR codes on invoices, bills, screens (phone, TV, laptop, shop displays, etc.), billboards and posters. You can recognize a Posta Pay QR code by the Posta Pay logo in the middle of the code.

Download and install the Posta Pay-app in the Play Store of Google (Android) or the App Store of Apple (iOS) on your mobile phone.

Scan the Posta Pay QR code with the Posta Pay app.

Check the payment details. Sometimes you are able to change the amount, for example to donate a higher amount or to give a tip.

Press ‘PAY’.

After the payment you return to the confirmation page of the payee/company.

Generate Posta Pay QR codes for a payment request:


As a consumer, you can use the Posta Pay app to generate QR codes and to present them as a payment request to another consumer. It provides a secure and reliable way to make a  “consumer-to-consumer” payment without sharing each other’s phone numbers and E-Wallet Account Number. This may for example be very useful during garage sales,flea markets or sales at the door. Please Click Here for more information about the Posta Pay app.

Other questions about Posta Pay QR?

If you have additional questions about Posta Pay QR, please consult our complete list of the frequently asked questions and answers on our website.

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