Privacy Policy

  1. The terms used in the Privacy Policy have the same meaning as in the Terms and Conditions except as otherwise noted.
  2. The Parties are obliged to comply with the present Privacy Policy during the validity of the Terms and Conditions. This restriction doesn’t apply to:
    • information which is or will be publicly available regardless of the Parties;
    • information which can be obtained from other sources;
    • information which will be disclosed by one of the Parties as prescribed by the law.
  3. Despite the restriction stated in the Section 2, we are authorized without your prior additional or further consent:
  4. to pass or disclose the information we have about you, on your transactions to the persons authorized by you, our partner companies and our affiliated companies;
  5. to pass or disclose the information we have about you to the Georgian Post Ltd. (and/or other company engaged in such activity) for the purpose of communicating with you.
  6. to process your data during the validity of the Terms and Conditions. Data processing includes without limitations any action performed in relation to data with use of automatic, semiautomatic or non-automatic means, namely their receiving, collecting, recording, photographing, audio-, video recording, organizing, storing, changing, restoring, requesting, using or disclosing from you or from the third party (-ies) specified in the present Policy (including request and/or disclosure of information to the third party (-ies) specified in the present Policy which then will make the data processing for the purposes defined by this Policy) by passing, disseminating the information or otherwise making information available, grouping or combining, blocking, deleting or destruction), and also to transfer to the third party and to obtain information from him about you, despite the  existence or absence of debt.
  7. The information about you or those third parties which are specified by you will be processed by us and/or the third party (-ies) specified in this Policy (including without limitation by the authorized persons) and/or this information will be transferred to the third parties listed in this Policy for specific purposes which include, but aren’t limited to the following personal data:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • E-mail
    • Personal number
    • Document type (ID or passport)
    • Document number
    • Date of issue and expiry date
    • Password (filled in twice)
    • Mobile phone number
    • Additional stationary phone number
    • ZIP code
    • Sex
    • Citizenship
    • Date of birth
    • Legal and actual addresses
    • Account number or unique code of the person (if available)
    • Any other data which are connected with you and as a result of which it is possible to identify you
    • Other information which is filled in or stated in any application, electronic field, and also information which you have provided in other form or which have become known to us.
  8. Filling of application, electronic field by you, information transferred by telephone conversation, e-mail or any other form, is considered as your consent to processing of these data.
  9. If for receiving services you provide information on the third parties (owner of the additional card, the guarantor, family members, employer, etc.) including but not limited to the information on personal data, solvency, property status and others, and we process this information, including personal data, for execution and/or for marketing purposes, you are obliged to receive the consent of these persons on processing their personal data. The fact of providing such information by you, means receiving consent from these persons, and we are not required to receive such confirmation any more. You bear responsibility for any damages / losses which we can incur because of nonperformance and/or improper performance of your obligations. You agree to compensate and protect us from any damages (which include without limitation, loss of income), complaints, expenses (including without limitation the expenses incurred by us for implementation of our own rights), judicial proceedings or any other obligation which can result from such violation;
  10. You know and agree that during use of services and also during the contractual relations, processing of your data (including personal data) and data of the third party (-ies), specified by you, is necessary:
  11. for rendering of services;
  12. for protection of our legitimate interests and the interests of the third parties;
  13. for performance of our obligations, established by the legislation;
  14. in other cases determined by the law;
  15. If the legislation demands that your consent has been received to process your data, such consent is considered to be your application made in any electronic and/or not electronic form by which you agree with the present Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions which together with the present application make a single agreement;
  16. At the same time, your personal data and data of the third parties specified by you can be processed by us and/or the third party (-ies) specified in the present Policy, for various reasons, including without limitation:
  17. for full and appropriate implementation of services;
  18. in the cases established by the law for granting access to the auditor companies, potential cessionary and cedent, regulatory, controlling or other supervising authorities;
  19. for improvement and development of services;
  20. for preparation and demonstration of various reports, researches and/or presentations;
  21. for reasons of safety and also for detection and/or prevention of fraud, money laundering or other crimes;
  22. for offering changes in service terms within the existing services, obligatory prerequisite of which is rechecking your personal data during the offer;
  23. for the marketing purposes, including the purposes of direct marketing;
  24. You agree to transfer data to the third parties listed in the present Privacy Policy and/or to request the personal data about you and/or the third parties specified by you from such party (-ies);
  25. You agree to processing of your data for purposes of direct marketing, namely: name; surname; sex; personal number; date of birth; age; address; contact information; filled in applications; IP address; credit history; date of getting and covering credit; place of work; position; income; phone number; e-mail address and other information which is filled in or stated in any application, electronic field, and also information which you have provided in other form or which have become known to us.
  26. You agree to receive direct marketing, as well as information and promotional notifications.
  27. When the Customer visits Posta Pay site or uses its service, we collect information sent from your computer, mobile phone or other devises. We need such personal data about you as your given name and surname, address, email, phone number and date of birth, as well as such financial information, as bank account number and credit card number.
  28. According to the information submitted by you regarding your current status and types of transactions to be implemented by you, we will get additional information from the banks, services of processing credit/debit cards, identity verification services and credit agencies.
  29. We reserve the right to request documents certifying your identity and address. We remember your browser and IP address. If you send electronic notice to us, we will keep it. We also keep any transaction made by you at our Website, as well as the information about accumulated cookies.
  30. Using personal information
  31. We use your personal information for the purpose of activation of your Posta Pay account and rendering service by us. We also provide banks or credit/debit card procession services, identity verification services and credit agencies particular information, which is integral part of our ordinary activities.
  32. Purpose of sharing the said data is identification and control, as well as detection of fraud and other criminal acts, limitation and management of our financial risk. When realizing control of identification or prevention of fraud actions, service distributor is eligible to store records about our interviews together with your information.
  33. By using our services you give direct consent for exchanging your personal data for the said purposes. Herewith, in case of sending sum of money to other owners of Posta Pay account, we, as least, transfer your email to the recipient.
  34. We may send to the recipient of the money sent by you other personal information, such as your name and surname, address and country of residence, if the recipients request such information for the purpose of simplification of the payment process, conformity of payments with commercial transaction or implementation of controlling fraudulent activities and money laundering.
  35. We may also share your personal information to such other companies united in the corporate group of Posta Pay, which are involved in the process of rendering services to you and recipient of money. You give direct consent for such divulgence of your data. If you appeal us through third party and such third party is eligible for payment of commission fee according to the volume, amount and types of transaction, we may share such personal data, including information about the transaction with the said third party for the purpose of provision of payment of commission fees. If obtaining personal information is provided by the third party, for example a trader, advertisement website or Posta Pay partner website, collection and using of your personal data may also be regulated with the privacy policy of the third party.

Personal Information control

  1. If your personal information (such as given name and surname, address or phone number) is changed, you shall immediately refresh your data at Posta Pay account “Profile” section or contact Customers’ Service Department. Posta Pay carries no responsibility for any loss incurred by the reason of failing refreshing your personal data.
  2. For deactivation of your account, you shall contact Customers’ Service Department. According to the Law we are liable to keep particular records for at least five years from closing your account.


  1. After successful registration, you will receive confirmation notice to your email. You will be also able to receive electronic notices regarding transaction generated by the System, such as confirmation of filling balance, receiving payments, notices on changing password and etc. Registered users time after time receive information about products, services and special transactions through information bulletin, if the User fails to stipulate own position about his desire to receive such bulletin.
  2. You can change your position considering receiving or not receiving our information bulletin in the section of Posta Pay account or by clicking respective link in the electronic notice of the information bulletin. Please, take into account, that you will receive such notice about your account, as electronic notices regarding transaction or functioning of your account or other notices regarding our legal relations.


  1. Posta Pay website contains links to the websites of the third parties. This is to let you know that Posta Pay carries no responsibility for confidentiality of the websites of the said third parties.
  2. We offer to your users to learn application regarding confidentiality of every such website visited by them by clinking respective links on our Website. This application regarding confidentiality is bounding only to Posta Pay website and Posta Pay services.


  1. Posta Pay protects your personal data from unauthorized access, usage or divulgence. As soon as you log in, every internet communication is protected by SSL protocol, which has high level of security with 1028 bits of cipher ability and certified by Thawte; though such high level of security is effective only in case if you meet particular safety standards yourself.
  2. You shall never disclose details and login of your own account. If you think that any detail of your login is under danger, you can change it any time at your discretion as soon as you login, and you shall immediately contact Posta Pay and let us know the reason you think your account is under threat. For additional information about safety of your Posta Pay account, please, read Terms and Conditions of using the account.

Notice about changes

  1. Changes in the application about confidentiality shall be posted at our Website. If we intend to use your personal data using the procedures differing from the terms and conditions determined upon their collection, we will notify you about it by email. You are eligible to object using of your personal information in any other form in connection with the Customers’ Service Department, though we will consider such objection to be the notice about cancellation of your Posta Pay account.